Multi Office VoIP Solutions

Multi Office VoIP Network Solutions in Cloud/Hosted or On Premise design!

voice-over-ipIf your business has several offices, local or nationwide, linking your offices via a multi office VoIP solution from Office Tele systems can be extremely beneficial, providing significantly better communications throughout your offices, increased productivity and return on your investment.

AG Telecom has several of the top brand name multi office VoIP solutions available in cloud/hosted VoIP and on premise VoIP formats. There are two main scenarios for a multi office VoIP solution, system to system VoIP network, and ONE VoIP server linked to VoIP phones at remote offices, There are also options with on premise hybrid VoIP systems where you can use digital phones at each server location with a VoIP link between locations. This can reduce your reliance on the VoIP network. Ask your expert sales representative at AG Telecom which scenario is right for your multi office VoIP solution.

A system to system multi office VoIP network  is ideal for larger separate offices and/or offices in different area codes.

A system to system multi office VoIP network provides system redundancy, which allows each system to work as a stand-alone system if your VoIP link goes down.  Multi office hybrid VoIP solutions allow digital OR VoIP phones to be utilized at each system server location, which can help keep equipment cost down and reduce reliance on your VoIP network, especially if some or all phones will never leave the desk.  The digital phones in this scenario offer the same call options that you have with VoIP phones.  VoIP phones linked to any multi office VoIP network system can be distributed among remote offices, home offices, even locations internationally!  Mobility options in today’s multi office VoIP technology offer roving employees true accessibility virtually anywhere in the world.  Better employee management, reduced office space needs and lower carrier service billing can create a monthly savings strong enough to pay for a new multi office VoIP network solution, possibly even put extra money back in your companies pocket!  One touch intercom keys to any extension at any office or remote location, centralized voicemail, email integration and cell phone integration are just a few of the many advantages to a multi office VoIP network solution.  VoIP soft phones are also available which can work right off of your laptop.  Turn your laptop into a full featured VoIP extension linked to your office!

A single server multi office VoIP network has one main server supporting all company phone numbers and extensions.  Analog, digital or VoIP phones can be utilized at the main server location, while VoIP phones can be used on or offsite.  Offsite phones are an extension off the main server. Offsite phones are treated as an internal system extension as if you were in the main office.  Features such as one touch intercom and call transfer, shared attendant, centralized call reporting, centralized voicemail and integration to CRM applications are available for multi office VoIP network solutions.

AG Telecom sales staff and sales engineers understand multi office VOIP network design and can tailor your VoIP network infrastructure and voice/internet services for minimal cost and maximum benefit to your organization. Since we handle small business to enterprise level applications, here are a few options we have available for a multi office VoIP network solution: