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Installation and Maintenance

We Provide Business Class for all types of Business, including Call centres, Hotels and other commercial institutions.

Highly scale-able as you grow with Call centre and Hotel Features

We offer the best standard of IP based Phone System installation service in Luton and in surrounding areas. We also provide  maintenance services, so you can be confident that your Phone system  is  in good condition and ready to provide the best cost effective service. s be of benefit to you.

We provide a range of VOIP  systems for your business and the majority of our Phone  systems run on an IP based system.

There are many reasons why you should call on AG Telecoms

There are a number of strong reasons why you should call on AG Telecoms to install your Phone system, and many of the key reasons are:

  • We offer full maintenance services for Phone system
  • We will offer a comprehensive level of support
  • Our Phone systems meet your security needs and requirements
  • Our Phone systems are designed for your convenience and peace of mind
  • You’ll receive a cost effective, value for money solution when you call on us

At AG Telecoms, we are delighted to say that we will provide you with customised programs and solutions that are tailored to your needs and requirement. We are always on hand if you need guidance and we are pleased to say that we provide consultation services for all of our customers.

We will also ensure that your new system is fully integrated at your premises. If you have existing systems in place, we will work with you to ensure that your new system works with what you have, or we will fully update your system. We aim to provide you with a system that meets your needs, and we are more than happy to arrange an appointment to review your current situation and tailor a solution to your needs.

We will offer recommendations that address any security concerns that you may have at your property and we are more than happy to offer proof of the success that we have achieved in Luton and surrounding areas.


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